Saturday, November 1, 2008

German Engineering ...

You know those commercials for the Volkswagen Rouge? The one that proclaims ... "Have a baby for love ... not for German Engineering." I hate those commercials. They completely annoy me! A lot! WELL I was looking on the website and found a link to the Volkswagon Rouge site. They have a program that allows you to "make a baby without making the baby". We put in pictures of Joe and I ... and it popped up what our future boy could look like. Which one do you like best?

Baby #1

Baby #2
Baby #3
Baby #4
Baby #5
Heaven HELP us in the looks department!!! They may need it! I don't know if these guys look like either one of us! They do look like the mail man though .... oops!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Creepy! The only one that looks remotely like something from this planet is #3. But you better have a child cuter than the other alien lookin' ones. I am not good at lying! The truth eventually comes out...that that baby is NOT cute (it is some kind of creature from another universe in a baby suit....maybe I've been reading "The Host" too much).

Lynsey said...

I like number one and number three. Your kid will be much cuter though. I'm glad to see you are having fun!

stephanie stohel said...

i like number three the other ones kinda creep me out!!

Joanie said...

Ick! Scary is all I can say! I know that little "Spud" will look very handsome and not one bit creepy!

Mom and Dad said...

So Jen, don't borrow trouble for yourself. Any of those little boys would have a GREAT personality. Who wants a pretty baby who's empty-headed? Whoever is coming will be fun and darling . . . and yours! I did think the little kids with the ears like Volkswagen doors were cute! And we'd love any of them!
--- Grannie Annie

The Broughs said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the baby boy! Sorry we are so bad at checking our emails! The way I see it, you ought to have 5 boys and then you can have every one of those "cute" little faces!

NanaSue said...

How fun! I would love the link to that website. I'd be interested to see what it thinks my children should have looked like as babies. Just a test of its accuracy (or not).
Congratulations on your new baby and hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful.
Aunt Sue