Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just Like Mama Made 'Em

It is a family tradition to have a "birthday dinner". Joe and I went to my parents house on the 16th for dinner. I asked my dad to make his beef enchiladas and I offered to bring my mom's apple dumpling recipe.

You can not begin to image how excited I was. I probably have only had these a handful of times since my mom passed. This is not the kind of recipe that you mix the batter and dump. It is more closely related to the work it would take to make cinnamon rolls ... but without requiring the dough to raise. Joe and I bought (organic) Fuji apples from costco. While he was doing his home teaching I made the dish. It LOOKED perfect ... something didn't smell right ... but we didn't think much of it. After dinner and games we were ready for dessert. I was nervous because of the smell so I took a small bite before anyone else could ... and they were rotten. I had used old Crisco -- but didn't notice until AFTER they were done and it was too late. I was hoping this minor detail wouldn't matter -- but obviously it ruined the whole dish.

I have been eating the apples here and there all week ... and last night I decided to recreate my "masterpiece". I went to the store, bought NEW Crisco and set to work. They finished at about 9 -- I took a bite ... HEAVEN! So now I have this whole pan of my mom's apple dumplings waiting for me at home! YUMMY ... :)


Lynsey said...

I'm so glad that they turned out for you this time. I know how bummed you were when you made them for your birthday. You deserve a nice treat since Joe is gone. Eat and extra one for the baby!

Jess and Jen said...

You could pretend you VT/HT the Clark family and bring the food up here. I'm sure we'd be able to help you get rid of it... -Jess

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I just love cooking! Don't you love those recipes that taste like home? They make me happy...but it really does matter what ingredients you use, huh? Anyway, you'll have to make them again so we can have a taste.