Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Favorites

Okay -- now that I know that you all think our kids will be ScArY looking -- (only joking) ... and some of you are not afraid to tell us ... :) Here is what we think about the "potential boucher crew" from the previous post.

#1 -- is cute ... but with funky ears.
#2 -- um .... ....
#3 -- my favorite potential boy.
#4 -- definitely looks like the mail man's baby!!
#5 -- our favorite to look at! He has an "I'm almost going to cry " face on. We think he looks human enough ... but a bit older than infant age.

It was fun playing around with these faces! I hope you enjoyed them. With only 20 weeks left ... we will be able to see if the one we are "making" will look anything like the ones posted.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Seriously, does the mailman have some type of hadicap? Just wondering!

Tink said...

I can't wait to see the REAL thing! Your baby will be even more beautiful.

Mom and Dad said...

Still thinking that INTELLECT has some sparkle to it and the photos don't show that --- unless it's the little kid with the antenna ears!