Monday, June 8, 2009

Grandpa Gives the Toys

My dad gave Jace a jumper for my baby shower -- "Grandpas give toys!" he says. Jace has been too little to be able to use it ... but he is now 12 weeks (today!) and I thought I should see if he was big enough to play in it. The packaging said that Jace need to be able to hold his head up and that the max weight was 25 lbs. He now fulfills the head requirement -- and being 14 pounds ... well he isn't getting any lighter! Times - a - tickin'! We assembled the monkey jumper last night and tried it out. It is on the lowest setting ... and Jace isn't tall enough to be able to use it. SO ... we put our (INFAMOUS) calculus book under his jumper (he is getting good use of it already!) so he can bounce himself.

He played in it for awhile last night. Every time he bounces, music plays. Today when I put him in it he just stared at the toucan (Sam). He sat in it rocking it with his toes. He will be bouncing before we know it. The chair is on wheels, so you can rotate 360 degrees and play with all of the toys. I was rotating him in circles tonight (he was getting tired, I hoped the bouncing would put him to sleep ... like it did last night ... it didn't work!) and when his little chair wasn't facing me he began to cry. I tried it a second time ... and he screamed. Uncontrollably. It took me a bit to calm him down -- finally he did and fell immediately asleep.

We are looking forward to many hours of bouncing play! Thank you Grandpa :)


Joanie said...

Cute baby-boy... he will love his monkey jumper!

Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

so precious! i left your blog up last night when i was reading, before I commented and bryce came in and started reading it and then he got on me because the blog list you have on your side says i haven't posted in 6 days! opps! :)