Saturday, June 6, 2009

You Are Your Momma's Child

I have an obsession that could possibly get me on TLC's 'What Not to Wear'. I currently have 11 hoodies in my closet. Who needs 11 hoodies? I never run out. When I don't want to wear one of MY hoodies -- I borrow one of Joe's. He has 2 to choose from. I know it's not figure flattering ... but they are SO comfortable! I have gotten a new SOJO hoodie every school year so far. I'm obsessed.

At my baby shower in February, Jace got a little hoodie for himself. It has been my favorite piece of clothing ... and I can't wait until he fits into it. This morning Jace and I were going to walk Joe to the church. He and some others went up to the girl's camp site to work on ... something, I'm not sure. It was quite cold outside, and Jace needed to wear something warm. Joe mentioned his hoodie. Well, we didn't get to walk him down, we waited too long to get ready. I couldn't help trying on his "favorite hoodie!" Within minutes of putting it on him -- he fell asleep! I realize that this is not the perfect weather for a hoodie -- so he will need to change out of it as soon as he wakes up -- but I couldn't help but snapping a few photos before he drifted off.

We are planning a camping trip so that he will be able to wear it again when the weather is colder. The hood makes his little cheeks look SO chunky! He's a doll!


Lynsey said...

Too cute! How about Tuesday for the zoo?

Mom and Dad said...

That kid is getting cheeky. What a little chipmunk. Darling!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Okay, he does look extremely cute. And hoodies have their place...just not with say, a prom dress...or really any dress for that matter...or a job interview. Certainly not the time or place for hoodies. But on a cute baby for a cold morning walk, bring it on.