Monday, June 8, 2009


To celebrate our 8th anniversary (SAY WHAT ... EIGHT ... ALREADY??) Joe and I took Jace to the dinosaur park in Ogden. To prepare for it, Jace has been wearing his dinosaur outfits all weekend -- today wearing the Plod-a-long-a-sauras outfit given to us by my dear friend, Lynsey. There is a hat to match ... but because he is in the 93rd percentile ... it didn't fit very well. We were all decked out and ready to go -- only needing to return to our house once to get the stroller -- you're going to need that! Luckily we were only to 62nd south when we realized we left it home.

We got up there and Jace fell asleep. We loaded him up with sunscreen (missing a couple of spots on his feet ... poor guy!) and walked around the park. Of course ... I couldn't just let him sleep ... so at the first sign of waking I picked him up so we could take family pictures. We were able to see all of our favorite "Land Before Time" characters -- Little Foot, Sara, Peetry, Spike, Ducky ... we had a great time. After lunch, Jace started to wake up. We took care of the essentials ... diaper change and bottle. After that he was ready to go. We walked around the park some more, carrying him so he could look around. When we would hold him laying down or with our bellys together, he would cry. He wanted to see the world, eyes WIDE open. He has my eyes so he can have them wide open.

We hope to be able to return in a couple of years when Jace will enjoy it a little bit more. I look forward to seeing him dive into the "excavation site" and dig up the bones. To climb the slide and enjoy going down. I am excited to see him experience the world --


Joanie said...

Look at these cute Bouch-a-saureses. Happy 8th!

Lynsey said...

so sorry the hat didn't fit. Our boys with their big heads! Glad you got to spend such a special day as a family. Just make sure that you arrange for a sub before you take off :P

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Sure. Come to ogden when I am nowhere in sight... :( But don't you love that place? It is certainly a kid place, but so fun once the kids can appreciate it.