Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Big Hearted -- He belongs on the farm!

Back in September, our family took a trip to the state fair. We know how much Jace loves animals, and I knew that he would have a blast at the fair. I was ... mostly right.

Jace with the Big Bee.
We started with the birds and small animals. He was grinning ear to ear the entire time as we walked from one cage to the next. My little boy has such a big heart! He LOVES animals ... must be related to Great Grandpa Tom. The problem is that once we left one animal building to go the next his face would turn from this ..... to ....
This. Others around us just laughed at my poor little boy that was so sad to leave the animals behind. I think he was meant to live on a farm, really!
When we got to the goats he would watch them for a time, then steal the hay from their cages and throw it on the ground by his feet. There was little hope of getting him out of the building happy. He just wanted to play with his new friends!
Silly Boy :)


The Butler Clan said...

You know what i say, but it is always as true as the time before...I LOVE little boys!!