Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Goop

Last night as a family we decided to carve pumpkins. Halloween was my mom's FAVORITE holiday and since being married, I just haven't really gotten into it. BUT, now that Jace is growing up, I want to be able to go big on every holiday. I want to make them fun and exciting ... and memorable, like mine were. (Quick side note ... is it just me or does my baby's hair look really red in that picture?). We haven't done a ton this year, and I don't have many decorations, Something I'd like to work on soon. One major thing we did every year with my family was carve PuMpKiNs. I remember my mom's pumpkins were always perfect and I wanted mine to turn out just like hers. She always had a fine eye for detail. Very creative ... my mom was!

We got the table ready to go and dug away. We were only able to get one photo of the actual pumpkin carving extravaganza because our battery on the camera died ... It didn't matter too much, there wasn't a whole lot to see.

Some kids love to play in the mess. Mine does not.
He wouldn't stick his hands in the
pumpkin, but was ok sticking the spoon in. Since he is a boy who likes to put things in it's spot, once it didn't surprise me that once I removed some of the seeds, he picked them up and put them back in! They don't go on the table! What a helper. Before long though, he wanted down and was playing
with his toys as Joe and I finished our pumpkins.
I did Jace's first and then
worked on mine. I'm quite proud of the finished product and they sit happily on my door step awaiting the loads of trick or treaters that we will get on Saturday night.


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

Super cute!!!

Joanie said...

Very cute girlie pumpkin!

Gramps said...

Your Mom's favorite thing to do on Halloween was to watch scary movies.