Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Start Spreading the News

I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it
New York
New York
10 is a big number, and on June 8th ... that's how long it will be for Joe and myself. Too many marriages don't make it to 10 years, and I really want to celebrate BIG. So Joe and I decided that if we can hack it, we want to visit the Big Apple.

I only have 1 slight problem. I've never planned a vacation before, let alone one of this magnitude. I don't know where to stay. I am not good at booking flights and waiting and getting that "perfect deal". I don't know where to eat in NY or what to DO in NY. How much spending money do I bring? What should I budget, because we gotta start saving soon! I need serious suggestions ... I want to have fun and see it all!


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Marissa said...

I went to New York when I was 16, so I can't say I did much of the planning-but, the coolest things I did were of course, seeing a Broadway show(we saw Phantom) and a dinner cruise around the Statue of Liberty. If you are flexible, you can get amazing "day-of-the-show" prices on Broadway tickets. Have fun searching!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Fabulous! So happy for you! I only spent a weekend there, but I fell in love with it. Here are some things you MUST do in NY:
--Take the harbor tour! Go to Liberty Island AND Ellis Island (you can just show up and get the tickets, $25ish per ticket when I was there. It's a bit of a wait til you get on the ferry, but in my book it's worth it for an up close, personal experience)
--Go to a play on Broadway. Not that hard to get tickets and you can shop around on the internet for a decent deal on a show you'll both like.
--Visit Times Square at NIGHT! I love it! I have never felt safer out at midnight in a huge crowd of people.
--Spend some time in Central Park. So many nooks and crannies and FREE! Loved it. Just fun to exercise and see the sights there :)
There are also the fun spots like Little Italy and ChinaTown...as cheap as a bus ride...and of course there's the shopping. You can just get a subway map to get you to most places fairly cheaply. And if you get a place near Central Park or somewhere between there and Times Square there is tons of entertainment and eateries within a 10 block radius, including Broadway and art museums (cool stuff you only see in books! Loved it, but I was with an art history buff :) Any more questions, just ask!