Saturday, December 20, 2008

Belly Shots

After I told my Aunt Charri that I was pregnant she said that my mom got huge -- and wondered how big I would get.

I am a whale.

I feel like there could be three of them in there ... and can only imagine what I will look like in March. Heaven only knows what I will look like if I go late. Here are some pictures of my belly along the way:

October 12th belly. 16 weeks

October 31st belly. 18.5 weeks

November 9th (birthday) belly. 20 weeks

December 16th belly. 25 weeks

I was shocked at how much I have grown in the last five weeks. Co-workers have told me that I have "popped" in the last two weeks or so. I have been getting more and more comments from friends that "You look so cute!" or "It has been so fun watching you grow". When I tell them that I feel like a balloon they tell me to just wait. I don't know if I like those words of wisdom. :)

A friend, bless her heart, told me a couple of weeks ago that she was sorry I was pregnant. (She is the same one that asked Joe if he wanted a baby--referring to HER baby that was acting up. What she didn't know is that he had just left me to go to church alone. I was having an emotional "why me" breakdown at the time. She doesn't always think before she speaks ... but honestly who does?) She meant to say that she was sorry I had to be pregnant so that I could get a baby. She apparently does not have easy pregnancies. I have reflected on that comment several times and I have really enjoyed being pregnant ... for the most part. The only reason that I am excited for March is that I am more than excited to meet my little man. I haven't really been sick -- just when I blow my nose (weird!). I am starting to get more and more uncomfortable -- but then I feel an elbow or foot and it makes it all worth it. I will deal with my growing bump because I know what the end result will be.

I love my little man ... and I am more than happy he is almost here!!


Jess and Jen said...

I wouldn't call you a whale at all! You do have a cute pregnant belly!

I really enjoy most of the second trimester...once the puking has stopped and before my back pain sets in. And, I always got a stuffy nose when I was pregnant.

Mom and Dad said...

Jen, I think you are cute, and it looks like you are just "tummy" and not "all over". You look pretty trim and happy, and that is Just Great!! Glad you are feeling good too.
Love ya, dear. Ann

Lynsey said...

You are under 100 days! I know that is exciting!

Tink said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! Have a wonderful and blessed christmas.

Joanie said...

Look at that cute tummy! What a fun time of your life! I am so grateful that you are having little Parker/Ryan and try not to listen to what silly people say... as you know... they don't think.
Love you

Sara said...

That is the most precious baby bump I've ever seen! I need your address, I need to send you something. I love you guys so much and can't wait to see Ryan...that's my vote!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Holy crap that is a big belly! I almost died when I saw your post title, though. It brought me back to some creepy movie where they talked about doing shots off each other. Nice. Always a good way to spend an evening with the Bouchers. Just kidding.
I don't think the Bouchers get quite that big, so at least it's just your body, and not the baby that's adding to the bump. However, perhaps you have heard about the biggness of the Boucher babies. Where 6-7 lb babies are the norm for most people, 8-9 is a better guess for Bouchers. And don't even ask about Joe. That kid was practically a toddler! He probably just got happy and comfortable in there and thought, "Ain't nobody throwin' me outta here!" Joe-like. Sounds about right to me anyway. Good luck sweety! We are all excited to see the little guy too!

Kirsten said...

I am proud to say that I'm not one of the co-workers to tell you that you've popped. You are super cute and highly valued!

stephanie stohel said...

are you sure you are not having day your small..the next huge! (in a good way)