Friday, December 5, 2008

Just Curious

Joe and I have been debating names for a long long time now. The names that we really liked when we got married ... are not in the picture any longer. We had a girl's name picked out ... but we are assuming that our little man doesn't want to go by Cara. SO we have narrowed it down to two names (for now) Parker and Ryan.

Now understand that there is a 99% chance that your vote won't sway our decision ... I am just curious which one you think is cuter.

Ryan Boucher


Parker Boucher


Joanie said...

You're going to laugh, but I really like the sounds of Parker Ryan Boucher! But if you only go with one... let it be Parker.

Now you'll laugh again... I went to the SSA website and Parker was ranked 108th in 2007 and 116 in 2006. Ryan is ranked 16th in 2007 and 14th in 2006. So does he want to be one of a ton of Ryans?

When Spencer & Tricia were going to name their baby Riley I found 14 different spellings of that name!! LOL no OSD here!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Whatever, my aunt is crazy. Ryan all the way. My first little boyfriend was named Ryan and we totally played kissing tag. Awesome. Also, what nicname can you make from Parker? P? You're gonna be dealin' with enough pee as it is.
Though of course, whatever you choose will be right. Thank heaven our family doesn't choose dorky or cheesy names, everybody has chosen names that are fairly Bambis or Shaniquas here.

Lynsey said...

I like Ryan. I don't like the hard r sounds at the end of Parker and Boucher together. When you find the right name you'll know.

melissa said...

Both are cute but I like the way Ryan Boucher sounds.carchnes

Kathy P said...

Ryan -- definately! I have a Ryan... it means little prince and fits him perfectly.

Kirsten said...

Love Parker Ryan Boucher...then you get to keep both the names you like.

Marianne said...

I love that you are having a vote for your kids names! :)
I like Parker, but I think Ryan sounds better with the last name.