Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Biggest "Game Players" ... Loser

I have been hooked on The Biggest Loser for years! I enjoy watching the show and seeing people change their lives. I have been watching it since season 2 ... What a great opportunity these people have to change themselves. Most of the contestants are on the edge of losing their life because of their weight. Many, if not all, have emotional issues that run so deep. They get a new chance. Every season the chance to win $250,000 is a driving force -- but I am pretty sure that they are all there for the right reason ... to lose weight. Many that don't "win" ... recognize that they really do ... "win". The 13 players that get sent home throughout the show weigh in to win $100,000

This season there is a ... player ... that is there to win the game. I am not sure if she is even there for the right reason. She says that she is ... but she has been "playing the game" the entire time! Vicky aligned herself with Heba and Ed and has made it to the final four. She pretended that she was weak at the beginning so that people wouldn't see her as a threat ... and now she has a 1 in 3 chance of "winning".

Last night's weigh in ... disturbed me. How the weigh in works is that the bottom two people, the ones that lose the least percentage of weight for the week get "voted out". Heba and Ed are married. They ended up BOTH being below the yellow line. At first I was excited because I don't like either one of them. They are mean! One of them will be going home! One of them is out of the chance to win $250,000. Joe and I started talking and we firmly believe that they did it on purpose. If they were both in the same competition they could only win one sum of money. SO they wanted to spread themselves out so that they had a chance at winning BOTH sets of money. The reason I think that they pulled this is because ED gained 2 pounds last night. You don't gain 2 pounds on the last weigh in. The trainer even recognized MAJOR game play involved. Sneaky ...

The one contestant that has been there for the right reasons is Michelle. She is the lone member of Jillan's team and she is amazing! I hope she wins. She doesn't have as much to lose anymore ... so I am nervous. I am ROUTING for her!! GO MICHELLE!!! She is the only honorable contestant left in the game.


Jess and Jen said...

I haven't seen more than 3 episodes this season, but Heba is my least favorite one of all. I can't stand her. Ugh. -Jess

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Haven't followed it too closely either. But I was impressed by Michelle, she looks phenomenal! I hope she wins, she deserves it. Oh,and I love your layout...tooooo festive!

Mom and Dad said...

Well, Jen, we are hooked on the Biggest Loser too. Glad you enjoy it. I think those people are so courageous to change their lives in that way. If if would make any difference, I would vote for Michelle too. She is the 'real' one in the finals.
Happy day, kiddo. Love ya, Ann

Mom and Dad said...

Jen, you called it!!! I was so glad to see that all the people who could not remember their nice manners. The NICE girl, Michelle, won this past week!!!
I had to come back after the final weigh-in and leave another comment.
Those participants are some of the biggest heroes I know!
Love ya, kiddo.