Saturday, December 27, 2008

Remodeling project x2

Awhile ago Joe and I were having a conversation with our sister in law. We were talking about her gold fish. She mentioned that a goldfish will grow to the size of the container that it is put in. (We laughed and joked that the fish would get wedged inside of the bowl ... that doesn't make sense!) I figure now that we are like goldfish -- our stuff grows to fit what it is put in. Joe and I fit totally fine in our one bedroom apartment in Ephraim. We were content in two bedrooms and now that we have "upgraded" to three ... we have filled the space nicely. I told Joe that when we eventually had kids -- we would have to move! There was just no space for them here. Well we are at the having kids stage and ... moving just isn't in the ... plan. SO we had to find a way to condense two rooms into one so that there was room for the baby. My stamp room -- formally upstairs -- got boxed up and reassembled as 1/2 of the computer room, (this was a huge accomplishment for me. The room downstairs is smaller AND I have to share it ... oh the sacrifices :) ).

When Joe and I bought our crib set, we settled on white. I don't think, however that the white crib will go well with the white panel board that is on the wall. For that reason, and a couple of others, we pulled the panel board out about a month ago. We didn't take a picture of before, but here it is now. the board was covering the light blue and what we can only assume was "help" given by the previous owner's four year old. We also decided that if we were going to update the room -- we might as well redo the base board. When Joe was demoing the base -- he found major mold in the corner of our room -- right next to the master bath. We didn't know the extend of the damage, so all we could figure to do was stop using that bathroom and see if it dried up. The next day, the floorboards were just fine and dry. We decided to demo that piece of the wall to see how much damage we were looking at. Joe pulled out the wall today and everything under the tub is soaked. All that we can figure is that the sealings in the bathtub were bad.

Joe started to demo the bathroom -- just to make sure that it was a bathroom problem, not a leaky shingle problem. We are about 99% sure that it is the bathroom. The damage of the bathroom indicates however that this problem started long before we got here. We just didn't have the motive/resources to fix it before now. Our plan of attack is to rebuild the baby's wall, and SOON after rebuild the bathroom. I am excited for the makeovers that my home will be getting in the near future (who wouldn't be excited to get rid of the pink bathroom ...) -- but I am amazed at how pulling off the white paneled walls turned into a major overhaul of our upstairs living space. At least we get to learn a lot along the way! ...


Joanie said...

Ick... disgusting... be afraid, very afraid of the mold! You are so lucky to have Joe there to fix it all up. He did some dandy demo work for us almost 4 years ago. Thanks Joe!

Your new bathroom and baby's room will be wonderful. Love all the photos.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Aren't you lucky you married one of the Boucher BOYS. They all worked with dad on various projects and can totally build things. I am useless in that department as I never went "on the job." But it makes for some handy handymen!

Mom and Dad said...

Oh, Jen & Joe . . . what a mess! I am so sorry. But, you're right: you will get a nice new bathroom, and the kind you want. Wow!
So was it leaking down between the tile and the tub? Looks like there was some sort of little constructed shelf on the side in addition to the tub.
Good luck! A fun January project, and that dark, wintery month won't seem quite so long!
Love ya!!

Lynsey said...

I'm glad that you are getting it fixed up. Make sure that you spray everything down with bleach to kill any mold that may be growing...make sure that Joe does it. You shouldn't be doing that kinda stuff while growing a baby. Good luck with your project. If you need any help let me know...I can be handy if needed. Shhh...don't tell my husband!

Kathy P said...

Remodling is the WORST. At least you guys are in control... best of luck!