Friday, December 25, 2009

Jace's First Christmas

Normally we are a December 23rd shopping family. Not always because we procrastinate ... but usually because we don't save money to get gifts (I get paid about then.) This year we have been buying things off and on for Jace since October. It was his first year and we were excited.

On Christmas Eve the Sandman comes to wish us a good night's rest. (you know ... MR. SANDMAN, BRING ME A DREAM ....) Jace had just gotten out of the bath and it was time to open up his gift. It took him a little while, but by the end of the whole Christmas experience he was opening like a pro.

Jace's Sandman PJs. The sandman also gives us a Disney movie (the Disney tradition was one passed on by my family. They are older now and don't just watch Disney anymore .... but we do!)
The Boucher "Motherload"

Christmas morning Joe got Jace out of bed and I ran down to get the camera.

See MOM! I've got this ripping thing down! Surprisingly enough he actually played with his toys. He enjoyed ripping up the paper -- but enjoyed playing with all of the musical plastic too.

His favorite gift came from his Grandma and Grandpa (Stohel). He has figured out which buttons play the music and will sit there for a surprisingly long time and play with it. When he is about done, he will try to stand up on it. Of course it doesn't hold his (massive) 22lbs -- and will topple over backwards. At this point, the game is over and he needs to be snuggled until he is not scared anymore.

Christmas morning was a great year this year! I loved sharing it with my family!


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

He's so cute! I loved watching him play with that toy! All the new discoveries are so fun to watch :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

The most adorablest present ever! Isn't it fun to spoil is one of my favorite things!

Mom and Dad said...

Babies with bows on their heads are darling!! How fun!

M said...

How very cute..
A first Christmas..the best ever.

Jackie Savi-Cannon