Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Setting Up The Christmas Tree

I can't wait to start new traditions with my family. Traditions are part of what I remember the most growing up. Home-made pizza on Christmas Eve ... 7-Up with Cherry 7-Up Ice Cubes, Sandman, Disney, Pull aparts, Grandparents, games, good food ... It's the traditions with my family that I cherish most.

This year we started our Christmas season out right by putting up the tree.
Up until this year we have had a fake (cheep) walmart tree. Last year it was on the verge of breaking, PLUS I HATE fixing the branches so it looks somewhat real -- so we decided to get a real one this year! I haven't had a real tree since ... probably
I was 10 or so. We make the long trek down the road to Harmons and picked out the "right one" ... a $34.95 wonder!

We took it home, put it in it's stand, and ate home-made pizza. over the course of a couple of weeks we have put the final decorations on it and voila! A majestic tree presides in our living room.


Mom and Dad said...

The tree looks wonderful in your bay window! And looks like you found a munchkin to go along with it.
Glad you enjoy traditions, Jen. That is sweet.

Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

I love your tree and all your pretty decorations for it!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Now that is a cute Christmas Elf! Aren't family holiday memories lovely...I enjoy thinking back on all the fun things from way-back-when!