Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Joe ran the Winter - Sun 10K in Moab on December 5th. The two of us were going to run it together, but because of my recent health issues, I was not able to train for it (next year!)

The average temperature for Moab on the week of December 5th is generally about 40 degrees. Those poor 800 runners could only HOPE for a temperature that high. It was 15 degrees (maybe) that weekend.

Braving the weather, Joe set off to run his 6.2 ish miles. He hadn't trained like he would have liked because of all that was going on with work and family life, so his only goal was to run it without stopping. He figured that if he could do this, he'd have a decent time. He set off on his race. It was so much fun to be able to drive along side him. Every mile or so I'd stop, jump out of the car, and cheer him on! He did a fantastic job. His "official" time was about 53 minutes. They didn't have a good time keeping system, so that is very rough. He ran the whole way (with the exception of a 100 yard uphill stretch), and came in 204th place.

I am very proud of him and can't wait for us to start running together again as a family! We got to train for next year :)


Mom and Dad said...

Joe, I am so glad you like to run! Congrats on your good results in spite of the temp!! We loved having you to visit!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

So glad you are starting the family tradition of healthy exercise! It's something I wanna do for my kids too!