Friday, December 25, 2009

Good Night's Sleep (This year ....)

Christmas morning is a magical time! On Christmas eve you SWEAR you are tired -- you climb into bed with your crisp new pajamas and lay there for Santa to come.

You wait

and wait

and wait

Eventually you roll over and look at the clock. 2:25. Not exactly "wake up the rest of your family time. So you snuggle up in bed again

and wait

and wait


and wait


Could Christmas Eve take ANY LONGER? What seems like days later instead of hours, you roll over in bed (it's 5:15) and declare SANTA CAME!!!

I knew that I wasn't going to be waking up Jace at 5:00 in the morning to "open presents" ... I had to wait until he woke up. The above description is miss Jen Boucher EVERY YEAR! So this year -- feeling a cold coming on -- I took a Nyquil. And boy did I sleep.

6:15: (JOE) Santa Came (JEN) HMMM???
6:25: (JOE) Santa Came? (JEN) (Rolls over)


Okay -- so not the bright eyed excitement of the past ... but hey! I only woke up once! I was nursing a nyquil hangover for the better part of the morning -- relieved only by napping into the afternoon -- but I slept well.


Beano-Bayno said...

Close, but not quite accurate ... generally, you get up at 4:15. And, you didn't tell anyone that you were taking drugs to help you sleep through the night. I don't really believe that you took it to help you with your supposed "cold," since you didn't take anything the night before OR the night after. Whatever. It's all fun.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

We had the Nyquil experience at the Elsinore Boucher place too...not Nyquil-induced, but nonetheless pokey getting out of bed. And it was sure nice!
But I was waiting with Santa PJ bottoms for mommy...and it seemed to take her forever to get there! What is with all the moseying on Christmas morning??? Glad you had such a lovely time with your little family!

Mom and Dad said...

Jen, you need to be sure you print this out for your family journal. You will love it year after year and the kids will giggle and giggle when you read it to them. There was one I wrote about Sarah suking stuff up with the vacuum cleaner and the kids could never get enough of it!! What a delightful account!
Welcome to Mommy-dom, dear!