Monday, May 11, 2009

Blessed Mother's Day

I feel so blessed this Mother's Day. I have so many great women in my life -- who I love and appreciate.

To Rayma:
I LOVE YOU! I have never met a more brave person than you. I can only imagine how scary it would be to join our crew -- but I am so glad you did. It is amazing to see how Heavenly Father has played a role in you joining our family. You stepped into a difficult situation -- and I am so grateful for you. You are truly a mother in every sense of the word. You are kind, caring, compassionate. You are understanding, fun, a pure joy to be around. On a more personal, recent note -- you will NEVER know how grateful I am to have had you around when Jace was in the hospital. It was such a scary time for me -- I didn't say much to you then-- but know that I was able to stay "together" as much as I did ... because you were there. I love you ... and am so SO SO glad you are a permanent part of our lives.

To my Mom (known now as Grammie ... that's what I've decided):
Heavenly Father knows what is best for our family. I am so grateful for the sacrifice that you made -- you left this world to save us. I don't know what kind of person I would be today if you had not made the choice to "raise us from the other side of the veil". You were always my best friend, and I never told you I love you enough. I know that you knew it ... but I wish I would have said it more. I love you ... SO many good things that I have inside of me ... come from you. Being a new mom ... I miss you so much ... but I know that you are here. Rooting us on! I would be lost without the knowledge of eternal families. I will see you soon (but hopefully not too soon). Until then ... save a seat for me and my little family. I can't wait to officially introduce you to the people that mean the most to me -- Joe and Jace. Please continue to stop in and "see us". We love you! LOVE YOU!

To Ann:
Joe is a good person because of you. His character is a reflection of the love that you put into your family. Thank you for making him such a priority in your life. Thank you for all of your support and love. Every time we needed your support you are so quick to jump at the chance. I will always cherish the time we spent so close to you guys, in Ephraim. It has been so great to get to know you as Jo-mama (hehe) and now I'm so excited to learn first hand who Grannie Annie is. We have so many good memories -- skiing with Jake and Jen "BOUCHER", our "open house", hanging out in Manti/Ephraim, moving -- moving -- moving :), birthdays, birth announcements, birth - days. I love you! Thanks for being a part of my life.

To Jace:
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skys are gray. You'll never know dear how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away.

I love being a mom -- and I am so glad that you are my son. You make me happy every day. The blessings of heaven overflowed the day you joined our family. I love seeing you grow, and can't believe that you are 8 weeks already. You make me want to be a better person, and I hope that I can be the mom that you need. I will ALWAYS love you ...

p.s. these aren't the best pictures of all of us, but they are fun pictures of us. I hope you don't mind me sharing. :)


Lyman and Kim said...

I know this post really doesn't need a comment but I have to tell you that it just made me cry as I'm sure it did for the special ladies it's about. They are lucky to have you as a daughter!

Joanie said...

Sweet post. I think you look a lot like your mom. I love all the character shots.
I'm so glad you are enjoying being a mommy so much. What a blessing.

Mom and Dad said...

You are so appreciative, Jen. A real class act!! So glad you are willing to share your sweet little Jace with us.
Glad you are enjoying HIM!
Love ya much, somebody's Grannie Annie

Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

Thanks for sharing. You brought me to tears. What a great post. You are going to be an awesome mom or I guess already are an awesome Mom and Jace is so lucky to have you!