Monday, May 4, 2009

"It's Your Special Day Jace!"

We woke up yesterday morning and all I kept telling him: "It's your special day, Jace!" We blessed Jace yesterday. 41 members of our family joined us in this special event. We tried to keep the invite list short -- because there were three baby blessings -- so if and invitation was not extended ... we hope you are not offended.

The day was perfect. Jace looked like a little angel. I am so grateful for all of the family that came to support us ... many traveling for a couple of hours to get here. I am grateful for my family beyond the grave that were there as well. During the blessing Rayma had her arm around me. I distinctly felt that I had one mom sitting on both sides of me. Rayma on one and my dear mom on the other.

Afterwards we went to Aunt Charri's home for a barbecue. My house isn't big enough to fit our large family and it was very gracious of Char to lend us her's. There was a lot of great food and good company -- and the man of the hour! He was passed on from one family member to the next. When we got home Jace slept and slept and slept.

It was a fantastic day and I am so grateful that Joe was able to bless our baby. I am so glad that we are able to help Jace start his life with us and in the gospel. It was such a difficult road getting him here -- I plan on cherishing him every minute of every hour of every day!


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

I'm sad we missed it! What a special day! Congrats!!!

Tink said...

Jace is so dang cute! And it was a beautiful day and blessing! Congrats! You had a lot of wonderful people surrounding you. What a blessing and comfort. Thanks for your beautiful testimony too! It was heartwarming and heartfelt.

Lynsey said...

He looks so cute! I'm sorry that we missed out, but we totally understand. Ethan and I were sick anyway. Isn't the Gospel wonderful?!?

Jess and Jen said...

Congratulations on your big day! You sure look like a happy family!

Mom and Dad said...

Thanks for the nice day!! So very gracious and special. Love the pics, Jen. Thanks for sharing. After we got home, I realized that I didn't get any JACE/ MOMMY/ DADDY pictures. Sure felt silly!
Love ya, Ann

Joanie said...

Jen, What a sweet post about your sweet baby. I'm sorry we couldn't come. Love the photos.
Love you,