Monday, May 18, 2009

Second Weigh -In

This morning I weighed in at
That is a weekly loss of
2 lbs
That is a total loss of
6.2 lbs

Which is

Only 6.2 lbs to go to reach my goal of 183 by June 1st. I'm a little disappointed, I was hoping to get just a bit more ... now my 183 goal will be a bit difficult. I'm not giving up yet though!!


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

You can do it!!! That's 3.1 lbs each week the next two weeks! I have faith!!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

You just have to be happy with what happens! And remember that anything over 1.5 to 2 lbs marks muscle weight loss in addition to fat loss...and that ain't good. So if you are burning fat, losing inches, pants fitting better, etc, then you are doing GREAT! I have to keep telling myself that too...and to stay away from the frickin' chocolate!!!!! (That's just for me...not you!)

Tink said...

That's great Jen! Keep on truckin.

Mom and Dad said...

Jen, how wonderful! The 2 lbs in a week is great -- fast enough so you are not discouraged, slow enough that it will stay off! What great progress!
I always figured that any amount OFF was good, and weighing the same in one weigh-in was at least not putting weight ON!
Find something positive to keep you encouraged.
And about Sarah and her chocolate, . . . good luck on that!