Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eight Feet Overboard

Joe's poor shoes are running ragged. He has needed shoes for SUCH a long time -- but we don't generally remember to get shoes while we are out shopping. Shoes can be super expensive -- it's not something I enjoy spending money on. I like trying on shoes ... but not buying them. In fact, those who know me well know about my number one shoe choice --- the beloved flip flop. A $2.50 wonder! It was time for new shoes.

While at JC Pennys on Friday night we noticed a sale on men's shoes. 2 for $99. Perfect! Joe and I were there getting new outfits for Sunday and decided to come back after dinner to pick out the shoes. As we were ringing up and there was a sale that if you spent more than $75 you got $15 off. NICE! We also got a 15% off coupon if we went home and did a survey. The numbers started clicking in our head. 100 shoes - 15% off - $15 .... 2 shoes for $70 ... Jackpot.

We did the survey and went back Saturday night. While hanging out at Aunt Charri's house she gave us a "mystery gift card" with who knows how much on it. $5 ... $8 ... Who knows? We are off! Joe found two pairs of shoes that he liked. One was originally $70 and the other $64. So here's how the math played out: Originally $134 we got it for $99. - 15% off = $85 - $15 = $70 - mystery gift card = $58 ... With tax we got his shoes for $63. WAHOO!!!!

Proud of our purchase ... we headed out to the mall to grab dinner and go walking. We were passing Payless Shoes and I walked inside. I really enjoy trying on shoes ... like mentioned above, but I rarely purchase them. Well Payless was having a buy one get one 1/2 off sale so we figured that if we found 2 we liked ... we might as well get them. I started trying shoes on and found 3 that I really liked -- well 4, but one was so colorful ... I wouldn't normally justify it. I was trying to dwindle the choices down to two, but was finding it incredibly difficult. Joe smiled, handed me the colorful shoes, and I left Payless with 4 new pairs of shoes!

6 pairs for $120. Not bad eh?

A bit out of control right? We justify it because the last pair of non-flip flop shoes I purchased was back in July 2008. Joe bought running shoes last October, and who knows when the last was before that. We don't splurge often -- very rare actually.

As we were leaving the mall Joe looks at me and says: Don't let Copper eat them! Uh ... yeah! (he wouldn't have had to say that if it hasn't happened time after time again!!)


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

You're too funny! I have a show obsession, but it's interesting how I find myself wearing the same ones over and over again! WTG on the deals! And PS super cute shoe choices!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Yeah yeah yeah yeah! You know how I love the shoes...and I totally tried on the brown clogs tonight. Thought about buying them, because there was another pair--plaid!--I wanted to get. But I did not. What? You guys splurged on shoes and I refrained? The world is mixed up this week!!!

Mom and Dad said...

Hey, great!! Joe knows how it is to FIND shoes that fit, and that YOU LIKE!! That is why he just handed them to you and smiled!! He is cute and so are you!!
Congrats on the new footgear!

Joanie said...

I knew Sarah would have already made a comment on this shoe frenzy post! Love you fun shoes and your great bargain price!