Friday, October 24, 2008

Do You Ever Have Those Days That ...

You just feel lucky to be you?

(You thought this was going to be a negative post!)

I am just sitting here in 3rd period listening to 16 young minds working hard on adding fractions ... and I started to get an overwhelming sense of "I am so blessed!" (I better be careful ... I might start to cry ... I do that a lot lately!!) Here are the things that I am particularly grateful for right now:

1. I have a great job ... and I work with great people! I don't know of another school that is as good as mine! We have the best kids in the state, the best parents, and with that ... the best test scores! It is so easy to work here ... I am spoiled! I was talking with someone and she has the head of two rival gangs in the same class ... talk about tension!!

2. I have a nice home. It has a lot of things that need to be done with it -- but at the end of the day it is mine! I am grateful to those who have lent their home to us in the past ... Mom & Dad Boucher, Grandma Fautin, and all of those great land lords out there ... but I love my home and my neighborhood.

3. Joe and I are "living good." It was hard waiting so long to add a member to our family ... but we have a lot of comforts now that we wouldn't have if we would have gotten pregnant right away. I would trade them all for my family ... but I am glad that I don't have to worry so much about what I have and need. I hope that I said that right without sounding too materialistic.

4. I have a great husband!!! I know that he is exactly the right person for me! We truly are best friends. He is my partner in every way. He is great! (And it was nice to see him last night! He only worked for 12 hours yesterday!!!)

5. Every day I go home and look at the cute pictures on my fridge. It is such a weird thought to think that I will be a mom soon. I will be a mom. I can't wait until I get to see what he looks like (I mean 9 months is REALLY a long time!!) I can't wait to see what kind of trouble he will get into and how we will deal with it, (maybe I shouldn't wish for that ... ). I can't wait to hear I love you. I don't even know how this change will alter my life ... but I am SO SO excited for it!

I feel so lucky to be me!!!


Jeni said...

Very touching thoughts Jen! And believe ME the little ones will test your patience. I'm living proof and so are my children! Hehe. And I haven't been too proud of all of my reactions, but you live and learn and move on and try again. I'm excited for you too. I love this fetus widget you have on your right column. It's fun to see it getting bigger and changing when I log onto your blog--just as it is in your cute tummy! And thank YOU for reminding me that I forgot my "Thankful Wednesday" post this week. I quickly posted my thankfuls after I read yours. Take care and have a beautimus day!

Joanie said...

Jen, What a beautiful post! It is wonderful to be able to count our blessings. thank you for sharing this wonderful post with us.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Glad you are so pleased with life. We are all happy that this little one has finally found his way. And glad that wierd awkward Joe found a girl that could see something more and helped him become something more too. Love you guys!

Mom and Dad said...

What a sweet post Jen. What a blessing that you feel blessed. You and Joe are go great and we feel fortunate to be friends!! Thanks for all that!
And enjoy these waiting days. They have their own lovely glow.
Love ya, Mom & Dad

Kirsten said...

I'm lucky to know you!

stephanie stohel said...

I ALMOST STARTED CRYING...and i am not pregnant!! ha ha love you jen..and you forgot one little thing...ME!! ha you my dear and i cant wait for little baby bouch to come into the world..can i please give him a mohawk at one point in his life? thanks!