Saturday, October 11, 2008

How My Parentals Found Out ...

Because of a previous loss, Joe and I were very reserved to tell anyone our news until we were sure that it was going to stick. It was so difficult to go around people that we loved and not sport a big poster declaring "you're going to be a grandpa ..." or whatever. We weren't going to tell anyone ... anyone ... until conference weekend. At that point we would be about 14 weeks and feeling pretty safe. BUT after holding the secret for 7 weeks ... I had to tell someone. My parents live very close to us, so naturally it was easiest to tell them first.

We planned to meet my parents at the Olive Garden at 5:30 one Saturday night. They thought we were going to have a nice double date -- and go play afterwards. Joe and I got there early to make arrangements with the waiter. We gave him gift cards to cover the meal and a note to put inside of the ticket once the dinner had been served. We asked him to bring it out just shortly after we received our meal. My parents got there and we ordered and chatted for a bit.

Our dinner came and we started to eat. Jakob, our waiter, brought out the ticket and set it in front of my dad. He eyed it for a little bit but just continued eating. I wanted to make sure that he saw the ticket far enough before we left for them to freak out and get all excited. He wasn't checking the ticket though. I couldn't think of any way to get him to look, so I asked "aren't you going to look at it?" He opened the ticket, smiled and handed it to Rayma. It was fun to watch her read the ticket ... and see the lightbulb "click". She smiled from ear to ear and started clapping her hands. It was very fun to watch their reaction.

SO ... what did the ticket say? "Thanks anyway Gramps and Gram ... but this one is on me! Love Baby Boucher. P.S. Please do my mom and dad a favor and not tell anyone about me for a couple more weeks." or something like that. We even found a really cute "kid" font online that we could use.

Last time we told them we were pregnant we went over to my parents house one night for dinner, and Raym was not there. She called to apologize for being late and then said she finally found someone she loves shopping for other than her :) She came home with several baby outfits. IT WAS SO CUTE! SO at dinner that night, my dad looked at her and said "you can start buying stuff again!" She smiled and said "BABY SHOWER!"

I love my parents very very much and I know that they will make fantastic grandparents! I am excited to watch them with my little baby soon!

Hey Dad or Raym -- if you still have that ticket will you take a photo of it and email it to me? I will post it here. I was silly not to take one myself! What was I thinking?


Jess and Jen said...

That's really cute. I've never done anything fun to announce it.

Joanie said...

You two are having way too much fun with this!! Enjoy every minute of it! I love this continuing story.
Aunt Joanie

Jeff & Diana said...

That's fantastic! We did a game with our families with both kids. Congratulations.