Monday, October 13, 2008

This Weekend

Yes, yes I have more "how they found out" stories ... but they are coming to a close ... and I want to keep you guys coming back :) SO today I am taking a break from the stories and sharing about my future week.

Any teacher will tell you that EVERY day we have off for a vacation is well needed! I actually think that they give us a summer break so that teachers don't "get rid of the teenage population". Literally ... how can you handle 200-14 year olds ALL year long?

This weekend is Fall Recess (formally known as UEA) and this is when Joe and I ~were~ going to go to Elsinore to "spread the news" ... **Think about it -- you all would not know my secrets yet had we waited! Be grateful :) We planned a nice weekend -- but since the trip to Elsinore has already been made ... we decided to make it a great adventure!

We are going to go to Manti on Thursday night ... stay at this cute bed and breakfast across from the temple, (you can see the picture at the right ... it is the beige building) do a session the next day and visit our favorite spots in Ephraim/Manti. (You know Fat Jacks ... Don's Gallery ... ) Our story started in Ephraim ... so we really enjoy returning and paying tribute to such a great little town!

We will then travel to Midway on Friday and stay at ANOTHER bed and breakfast. Each one is a bit expensive ... but we figured that we needed to end our "couple only" years with a nice bang! Really ... this will be our last couple vacation that can be made without very careful planning! We will go shopping on Saturday down in Park City and enjoy the day. We might go on a little hike and just have a good time together.

We have been waiting a long time for a family ... and I have always thought about my "issues" as a trial. I was talking to my sweet dad a couple of months ago ... and he told me that one day I will look back and think: "Man I had a great 8 years alone with my husband!" He told me that is what he thought with my mom ... they had similar issues getting pregnant, (it only took them three though). He is so wise! It totally changed my focus! Joe and I are great friends -- and get along so well together! It has been a great 8 years to be us ... and I don't know if I can honestly say I would change them. They have been great! We are very excited however to be "the three of us" soon.

On Monday we both have to go back to work, but will be able to get off early because that is when my first ultrasound is! (I hope that I get more). When I went in for my first appointment he told me that I was measuring a week or two big ... so it is possible we are further along than we thought. I believe this is just a due date calculating ultrasound ... but it is possible that we can tell the gender on MONDAY! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. We are 15 1/2 weeks now ... CRAZY! Okay this picture looks a bit alien like still -- but I think that it's cute! Look at the fingers! He looks like he is just thinking away ... This is at about 13 weeks ... so we are bigger than him. We are close to 4.5 inches now! WIERD!

If I can survive Tuesday and Wednesday ... this is going to be a GREAT week!!! And I was excited to share :)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

We'll miss you at home but have lots of fun! I'd like to snag a somebody to run off to b&bs with...sigh... Someday! PS It was Jake who talked me into the whole WW thing...he's quite good at it really. But since he won that, I refuse to admit it...but he is always great for a pep talk if you need it...and I will always cheer you on, cute lil sis.