Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I DO Have a Husband!!

Joe is such a hard worker! I can prove it! Yesterday he left for work at 6 a.m. and arrived back at home at close to midnight. That is a 18 hour day! He (obviously) came home and went straight to bed. He woke up early again, got ready and left. It is currently 9:00 and I haven't seen him yet. I promise ... I have a husband ... even though I don't quite remember what he looks like :)

He has been working on a project and his customer arrived today. Apparently his project had a couple of "bugs" and he has been working hard to get it ready. There is a lot going on right now and he needs to finish this project so that he can start on the next one.

I hope it lets up soon ... so we can return to doing nothing together!!


Lynsey said...

It is hard not seeing your husband. It is so good that he is a hard worker.

Jess and Jen said...

I hate when Jess has to work long hours...I wish he could just work from home!