Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Trip to Elsinore

Joe and I were browsing online a couple of months ago at silly pregnancy t-shirts. We saw two that we really like -- one that said FINALLY with an arrow pointing towards the belly, (I still want that one ... ) and one that said "Nobody Knows I'm Pregnant". We thought that this saying would be quite humorous if I stuffed a pillow down my shirt and walked into the in-law's home like nothing was different. We looked at the size charts and ordered what seemed appropriate.

I got the t-shirt a couple of weeks later ... and it fit ... skin tight. UG! There was no way that I was wearing this one -- maybe next pregnancy I'll start of smaller and it will fit ... who knows! ANYWAY -- we didn't want to pay another small fortune to get the shirt again so we decided to make it. My sweet Joe made the t-shirt while I corrected tests and updated my grades. He did it perfectly.

We told the parentals that we wanted to go and help them bottle tomatoes. I have bottled tomatoes with my grandma since I was just a baby, and really enjoy it (when I'm not the one in charge.)

We got down to Elsinore pretty late. They met us in the front yard. My heart was pounding! I was so nervous! They showed us inside and we walked down to the room we were staying in. We were staying in the room that was the furthest down the hallway, and Ann, my mother in law, was walking behind me the entire time. Nothing. I even tried to make opportunities for her to see my shirt. Joe and I eyed each other a bit as we walked back into the kitchen to enjoy some long awaited chocolate zucchini cake. We walk all the way back down the hallway, almost into the kitchen ... and we hear a giggle. "Really" she asked. (Yeah ... I would never joke about this one!) We then stayed up (WAY) past my bed time talking about her 12th grand-baby and how excited we are to bring "it" into our lives!

I am pretty excited to wear the shirt while I am huge! I think that it will be quite funny :)


Joanie said...

Happy # 12 for Grannie & Granddad! I love your story, I can hardly wait for the next day to read more!!
Love you,

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Nice. I should get a t-shirt like that, just to freak Andy out again. You should definitely wear it up to the last moment.
Do you tell about the "eggs" next???

Jeni said...

This was so fun to read. You are so creative. I simply yelled out "I'm pregnant". I love the creativity people do to announce special moments. BTW, I LOVE the countdown you have of the baby in the right column! How great is that?

Mom and Dad said...

That was such a fun time. It is one of those memories I will have in my heart forever. Some pictures never fade. Glad you are making good use of the pic Dad took of you!
Love ya, Grannie Annie & Grandad