Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forcing Music

I hate hold music. Not a big fan of elevator music. I love you all ... but don't really enjoy being forced to listen to your songs as I read your blog. NOW before you get offended -- this is not a request for you to turn off your music! (I usually do that myself when popping over to your blog.) Please... understand -- I am the kind of person that has to have it silent in order to concentrate. If there is background songs on ... I have to read a passage several times before it makes sense. (I am a math person ... can do it in my sleep, (ug -- sometimes I do!!), but I can't read the same way). Now I feel obligated to say that I don't turn off your music because I don't like it. Only because I have "personal issues."

Ironically enough ... I vowed never to put music on my blog. Oh wait ... what is that you are listening to?

In July I posted something called: "I am a CookieMonster". It is still true to this day. My poor husband has to deal with the fact that a small (quite small) piece of my heart belongs to David. (I tell him that we understand each other ... I don't know if he believes me. I mean I CRIED when David did on Finale Night ... how much closer can we get ... really!!). I guess the main reason that I liked him so much on the show was because he was brave enough to do his own thing. I truly believe that he said "This is me ... take it or leave it." I also really like Blake Lewis for the same reason.

I always get excited for November time because the current Idols release their albums. Believe it or not ... I am quite excited for David's. I was looking on iTunes yesterday and found that the first song from his album is already available ... I couldn't help but get it!! Poor Joe was probably thinking: "Can't you wait 2 weeks to get the whole album so we don't have to pay for the song twice?!?" Nope. I am a cookie-monster and I admit it, and I can not wait two weeks. I hope you enjoy the song ... (and the eye candy I provided!!)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

He is a cutey...honestly I felt the howl go up from Utah when the other David didn't win, but I didn't howl with them. I think they are both extremely talented and will do well. I'm excited to hear what's on the album myself.

Joanie said...

Jen, I am so with you on the quiet! I love the quiet!... especially when I am reading.

Jeni said...

Just for YOU and only YOU, I took my music off autostart and have given everyone the option to start it on their own! You are sooo annoying!!! ;0)

BoucherBlogger said...


You didn't have to do that!! I just put my music player near the top so if you don't want to listen to cute david ... you can easily turn it off. This was a post about David ... not about YOUR blog ... or anyone else's :)