Thursday, October 16, 2008

How the Boucher Kids Found Out

Okay so Joe has started asking when I was going to post the next story! Here's the story ... pictures might come later.

Joe and I started to think about how our kids will fit in with all of the cousins. Our first will be grand-baby #12. 12 ... a dozen. We decided that we would make a little package to send to all of the siblings. We got enough easter eggs and egg cartons to send to everyone. On the eggs we printed the birth date of each grandchild. If you opened the egg up you see a picture of each child as a baby, (or young child). On the last egg the "birth date" said April 5th, 2009 (ish). Inside there was a script telling everyone that a new "egg" will be "hatched" in our home soon.

We didn't want it to be obvious that the package was from us. We put Jake and Cody AND/OR Andy and Becky as the return address. We figured that when they read the last egg they would understand it was from us. That was not the case. Each sibling had a different story about their "why did it come from Jake?" story ... but Jake's is my favorite.

Their return address was labeled Andy and Becky. They opened it -- looked at one egg -- and figured it was some random FHE project and put it aside. We were planning on going out on a double date with them ... and I am showing a bit. I wanted to make sure they knew ... before they saw me. Joe called and talked to Jake ... this was their conversation, (or something close):

Joe: Did you get a random package from A&B?
Jake: Yeah ... what's that all about?
Joe: I don't know ... weird!
Jake: What are we supposed to do with it?
Joe: I opened mine.
Jake: Me too.
Joe: No, I opened the eggs.
Jake: ALL of them?

(Joe and I are laughing now ... almost uncontrollably)

Joe: YEAH!
Jake: I only opened one.
Joe: Open all of them.
Jake: we will before dinner.
Joe: See ya

(More laughing)

We decided that they were playing dumb ... there's no way that he didn't check all of the eggs. We got to the restaurant before they did and waited. When they came in Cody gave me a big hug and Jake proclaimed: "You're having a baby!" Oh my! (took him long enough ... haha!!)


Jess and Jen said...

My goodness, you two are SO creative. That is a really fun way to tell them!

Lynsey said...

That is such a great story!

Joanie said...

What a great idea! How do you come up with all of them? I love this... I can just hear the conversation between Jake and Joe! What fun!

Jeni said...

How fun is that? That is really clever!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Awesome. My brain was like..."Oh crap, Jake and Cody are having a baby! How will Joe and Jen feel?" Flashbacks to everyone else getting married and hearing "Don't worry, you'll be next" time and again...and wanting to say it to the same old biddies at the next funeral...
And then I got to egg #12 and everything was clear...but I was still like, "Why is this from Jake and Cody?" Until I realized that Jake and Cody are creative, but very practical...they would never go to that much trouble even for themselves. Quite a runaround you put us through. But we are quite happy anyway!

The GAG nears said...

Lovin all your stories, I can't belive how much time you put into telling everyone! So how are you going to tell us, oh wait, I already know, but you are so creative, always have been, we have an amazing cross stitch in our baby room to prove it!