Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 out of 14 ... What am I supposed to do?

I hate homework ... I hate it when students do not complete their homework. I am so SO frustrated right now .. I think that I might just cry.

I teach two completely different types of classes. My Geometry classes are honors classes (although they don't always act like it). They are supposed to be top of the top. I also teach 4 sections of "remedial" math -- Math 7 and 7A. In my math 7A class ... they just need a bit more one on one attention ... so the classes are smaller.

Today in my 4th period class ... 3 out of 14 of them turned in their assignment. Some had excuses that they had to clean their room. Others just "didn't have an excuse". How in the world am I supposed to help them when they don't put forth any effort? I am so angry ... I can't stand it ... don't know what to do.



Lynsey said...

I suggest that you beat them! I'm sorry that your kids aren't doing what they are supposed to do. It is frustrating. Hang in there! Only 3 more days of school before you get a 6 to 11 week break...

Mom and Dad said...

Well, Jen, there are a lot of things going through your head and heart right now. Do the best you can and let those little old math kiddos be accountable. Maybe they will decide it is more fun to shape up!!
Best of luck this week, dearie!

BoucherBlogger said...

This is Joe.

I don't see any comments here, yet, that would be of any use to you. The situation stinks. At least you got their attention, right?

Kirsten said...

One thing at a time, my friend. Sucky advice, I know.