Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We're Learning!

Last night we kept Jace in our room. (It is still a bit weird to be calling him by his "secret" name ... instead of just "baby" or "our little guy" ! We weren't hiding his name on purpose before -- we just really wanted to make sure that Jace fit before we spread it to the world.) He was very gassy and the nurse said that he could have an upset stomach. He hadn't really eaten for a bit, but everytime I tried -- He would look at me as if not to notice my efforts ... or he would simply fall asleep and then cry when I tried to wake him. Joe took the 12 - 2 shift. It is still quite painful for me to get in and out of bed. It doesn't really hurt while I am stationary, but sitting up stinks, you use your abdomen muscles a lot more than I realized ! Anyway ... Joe changed another stinky diaper and cradled him. Every time we put him back down to go to sleep he would cry. He was fine being rocked, strolled, snuggled, but not laying down. We thought he was hungry so at about 2 I took over. The nurse came in and asked if he was fussy and if we needed them to take him. We really wanted to try and figure this out while there are people here to help. When we get home -- there isn't a nurse readily available to call on! He was tooting a lot and Tiffany (the nurse) told us that he could have an upset stomach ... and asked if we wanted her to take him. I told her no, that we would keep trying. He slept on my chest for about an hour and then I put him in his bed, still refusing to eat. By the time I had finished going to the bathroom he was crying again. (He always seems to start crying just AFTER I sit down ... so convenient!) He finally sounded like he was ready to nurse and did so for quite some time. When Joe got up to put him in his bed he wouldn't lay down again. At this point we had decided to take him to the nursery so we could get some rest. I still need to heal myself! She rocked him and put a warm blanket over his belly and he was fine. They brought him back in at about 8:30 this morning. He has been gassy all day today too but has slept much better.

Today he is not eating well. He is quite stubborn, (just like his mom). I will try to feed him -- he generally stops crying, but will just look at me as if to say ... "SO?" Yesterday when he finally decided to eat, he ate well. Today he will only suck for about 2 minutes at a time. Blasted kid :) I guess he knows when he is hungry. We just keep trying. Hopefully when things are better "up and running" we can put him on a better schedule.

Joe is a great dad. He has been very willing to try to comfort Jace when he cries. He also has changed all of the diapers. I am yet to change one! I figure that my turn will come around soon. He has been really good to help me where ever I need it and has really jumped up to the plate knowing that I am not very physically capable right now to do it myself. He hasn't really been around babies a lot in his life since he is one of the youngest. Sometimes this can make people scared of babies -- but not Joe. Joe is great! It gives me one more reason to be so grateful to have such a awesome partner!

I am feeling better. The doctor checked my incision today and it looked good. They take out the staples tomorrow ... I am a little scared about that. I will be going home tomorrow afternoon. That is when the "playing parenthood" ends and the "real parenthood" begins. I am very nervous to be trying this on my own. I love him so much though that I am so excited to be his mom. We have waited so long for this ... and are very happy.


Lyman and Kim said...

Maybe this sounds crazy to some but it's kind of the fun learning even when they are being stubborn. These are moments I find myself looking forward to with number 2 for us.

Don't be nervous about the staples coming out. It's a breeze you may feel one or two tiny little pinches but that should be about it. I totally feel for you when it comes to those dang abdomen muscles that we take for granted. Thank goodness that they health fairly quickly...that or we get too busy being a mom to notice it still being sore.

Joe looks and sounds like an awesome both are doing great!

Joanie said...

Look at this precious baby boy! He is so sweet. Hope you have a better night tonight!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Was going to come visit tomorrow...I'll give you a call.

Jess and Jen said...

I didn't change any diapers int he hospital with Abby until the morning we went home. I also made Jess give Abby her first few baths, since he helped the nurse in the hospital. Thank goodness for husbands, huh?