Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crunch Time

You have no idea how many tries it took to get this right ... AND my computer takes reverse images -- so I had to write the text backwards ... BE IMPRESSED!

"My life is a mess right now ... go ahead and set it right on top!" That is what I said to a student this morning when he came to get help on his geometry homework -- the set it right on top was referring to his math book ... set it on top of my pile of junk. I have 1 billion things to do -- and I am posting. MAYBE if I spent my time doing the things I need to ... and not on my blog ... things would get done! (AND maybe students would get their HW done ... ) BUT you can only cram so much productivity into an hour before you go crazy! Here is an update on the BOUCHER household (and the house that she lives at most of the day ... C12 {classroom})

First of all -- I hate having a sub for only one day. It is incredibly difficult to get ready for ... and it is so much easier to just be at school. Now this year has been SO SO much better because I have a SUPERB SUB! Having said that 1 day is difficult -- I had NO idea how difficult getting three different classes ready for 6 weeks! To compound the stress -- today is the only day that I can stay after to get ready. Luckily Mary, my sub -- love her -- is stopping by after school to help me out. What a SAINT she is. (She also didn't accept a job {real job} at Bingham high because she already had promised me that she would be here for me. What a great sign of character!!! I appreciate her so much!). I think that I am almost ready to be gone until the 29th. That's two weeks. I will take it a week or two at a time after that -- but I think that I am going crazy!!!!

At home -- we are madly getting ready. Last night I spent three hours making ONE bumper. I didn't anticipate it lasting that long. It should be as bad tonight because I have completed one ... and the others won't be as bad. Tonight I am also going to my quilt group and they are going to show me how to bind my quilt. I am bringing my quilt to the hospital in hopes that it can get done there. Last night Joe put together a bookshelf that goes in the baby's room. It looks FANTASTIC! IT is about 3 feet high and 6 feet long. We tipped it on it's side instead of setting it up tall -- SO if a monkey climbs on it ... it won't fall over. A big shout out to my Dad who got the shelf for us! He is going to be the greatest Grandpa. It has been so SO much fun to see him get excited. I love my Dad!!! The coolest part is that you can buy shelves to put in the cubbies -- and we are going to buy 3 more sets so he has a place to put his "toys". I will post pictures later. My cute sister came over last Saturday and cleaned my kitchen ... deep cleaning --- and it took a lot of time! I appreciate the help so much!!

It feels like there is SO much to do ... If we don't finish ... we don't finish ... but we are trying hard!


Lynsey said...

Good luck with everything Jen! If you end up with a C section and don't feel up to finishing your binding, let me know...I'll be happy to help finish it up.

Mary will be fine. We are all here for her and will help in any way possible. You are wonderful. Don't wear yourself'll need your energy next week.

I can't believe that it's only 5 days away! It has been a long time coming. Good luck with everything!

Kirsten said...

I can't even think about you leaving because you are so highly valued and I'm going to miss you so much, especially after seeing you every day ;) and all our "Survivor Thursdays", and everything...;)

Good luck my friend!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I am impressed that you totally took time at school to photo backwards. Awesome. Call if you need anything! I'm a quick 40 min away!

Karen said...

Don't worry...your little guy won't even know that you don't have everything done. It will be awesome!!!

Good luck!