Saturday, March 28, 2009

My First ... BATH!

Last week Jace's umbilical chord fell off so we are now able to give him a real bath instead of a sponge bath. We tried it for the first time on Thursday night. It was quite the experience to say the least!

Jace doesn't like anything cold so naturally he doesn't like to be naked. He started screaming as soon as the clothes came off -- and as you can see -- didn't stop crying until the towel was on. We tried as to move as fast as we could. Luckily he can't do anything that will make him all that dirty yet ... so it didn't take too long. Poor guy!

Unfortunately Joe and I find it very cute when Jace cries. Wouldn't you? Look at that face -- it totally changes. His forehead scrunches up and wrinkles like an old man's. His entire body turns a bright shade of red, and his bottom lip quivers like crazy! We try not to let him cry too much ... He is the cutest -- and we love him!



Sara said...

He is seriously the cutest baby I've ever seen...and yes he's cute even when crying!

Jess and Jen said...

Such exciting times for you guys! He is adorable. I'm excited to see him sometime! I love newborn baby cries! My aunt lived in another state and when she had a baby I told her to call me sometime so I could hear the cute little cry! Glad you're enjoying it all!

Lyman and Kim said...

Adorable! They have the sweetest cry at that age. He just may be a cuddlier since he likes to be warm and cozy!

Mandee Lue said...

WOW -- I am certainly envious! How cute that you think his crying is still so cute! I love baby baths! They are the best, and you have one great baby there!!

Mom and Dad said...

i think he doesn't like being cold after all that time under the biliruben lights. I told Joe he was shivering when I saw him in the nursery the day we visited you in the hospital.
So glad you are enjoying Jace at home. He is a darling little boy!!
Love ya!!!!

Joanie said...

I'll give you one Momma/Grammie's advice... I don't like to be cold either! I always gave my babies (mine or grand) very warm baths... they loved them. Try warming the water up and put him into the sink where the water is deeper. It might do the trick... but, of course, then you would have to find another way to get those cute cry-faces ;)
Love you,

stephanie stohel said...

ha ha i love how you cover up his manly parts!!ha ha way to censor!! ha ha

Lynsey said...

He is a cute crier. I'm glad that you guys are getting into a routine with him. It took 4 of us to give Ethan his first bath.

Jace is such a cutie! Enjoy all the firsts with him!