Monday, March 30, 2009

Road Trip

One of the most difficult adjustments that I have had to make these last two weeks is not having the ability to drive. I have had several doctor's appointments that I need to go to and it is challenging to arrange my schedule around somebody else's schedule. Today Jace had to go to the pediatricians for his 2 week appointment and to follow up to make sure all is going well. My sister-in-law was planning on taking me. I decided to call my OB and ask when I can start driving. I had heard anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks. The nurse told me that as long as I had stopped taking my pain medication I was good to go. YIPEE! Jace and I told Becky that we no longer needed a ride and headed out!

We got to Dr. Witt's office and everything looks perfect. Dr. Witt told me that I should have a perma-grin for a couple of days because Jace is doing so well. In 6 days he gained 15 ounces. From here on out he should be gaining about 8 oz a week. What a relief! I am so glad that He is doing better.

Afterwards Jace and I ran to the school district to add him to my insurance. Everyone oohed and awed over him. Everything is set. I should find out next week if my request for sick bank will be granted. (Sick bank is used when you don't have enough sick leave to cover a long term absence. I have enough sick days for 7 weeks -- not 8). Once I know if my sick leave was covered I will be able to decide how long I want to stay out of school. I could technically take off the rest of the school year -- but that would end up costing me about a 1/2 of a pay check for four months. I am thinking that I will return the last week of school. I will need to finalize my grades and get all of the end-of-year stuff organized anyway ... so I might as well get paid for it!

Today has been a great day! I haven't gotten much accomplished at home, (Jace and I took a nice long nap this morning!), but it has been a good day non-the-less!

(And no -- Jace was not in the front seat with me -- like the picture above implies!!)


Lynsey said...

I'm glad that you have been given the ok to drive. It is nice to have that freedom. Good luck with the district.

The Higgs said...

You better be coming back to school. . .what is more fun than the last week of the school year! Glad things are going well. . .lunch isn't the same without you!

Lyman and Kim said...

Glad that you got your 'wheels' back! I hate not being able to drive myself. Awesome news about Jace's weight gain!!! Good boy keeping growing strong! Take as many naps as possible now while they still sleep a lot....the housework is always there!

Joanie said...

Jen, So glad you had a good day and the little Jace is on the way to being BIG Jace! Now that you are mobile again don't over due. You may be tempted, but you will pay for it big time. Take if from someone who knows.
Love you lots,

Mom and Dad said...

Oh, Jen, I am so glad for the great report your sweet baby Jace!! Glad he is finally becoming a little sturdy Boucher boy for you. Poor little kid had a bumpy start, and we don't usually have that.
Congrats on your being "un-grounded" from the car!!! Time to celebrate! So glad Beck will help if you need it, tho. She knows about having babies and going places.
Am glad you are subscribing to naps with Jace. Brilliant! About the time it gets warm and pleasant, you should be feeling about good-as-new!
Anyway, anyway, so glad for answers to prayers and blessings to you, all three! You deserve them all.
Love you lots, Ann

Karen said...

Oh there is nothing sweeter than napping with your new little one. Enjoy it while you can...don't worry about what you aren't getting done. It will ALWAYS be there regardless. Enjoy these precious moments. =)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Great! I am pleased the little monkey is finally doing well. He is too nice a baby to be ill all the time!