Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Did I Wash My Hair Already?

Have you ever been in the shower - wash and rinse your hair - then wonder if you have already washed your hair. You then re-wash it ... just in case.

On Sunday I was eating my breakfast. I took my prenatal vitamin and kept eating. After a couple of minutes I looked at my diabetic pill and wondered if I had already taken it. I usually just pop both at the same time ... I know I didn't take them together but couldn't remember if I took one after the other. I took the pill and just hoped that I hadn't already taken it.

When I tested my blood sugar at the beginning of Sunday School it was low -- 48ish. My numbers are supposed to be 70-120. Luckily I had grabbed a bag of cashews and started munching. I know that cashews are primarily protein -- but I was hoping that the 17 grams of carbs would be enough to last until after church. I tested my sugar again right before the class was over and it was up to 58. Better ... but not good enough.

Joe, Stephanie (she came to church with us) and I packed up our stuff and headed out. I had to eat something ... I was feeling shaky and I didn't have any other snacks. The whole day I was running low on my levels. I had mashed potatoes, corn and chicken for dinner -- very starchy -- and my blood levels were still low ... in the 60s or something. It was obvious to me that I had taken two pills ... oops!

I guess that two is not better than one! It just proved to me that my diabetes isn't all that "bad". When I got my prescription filled for the first time the pharmacist was surprised at the low dose and mentioned that my doctor might be increasing the dosage. The Diabetic Nurse also was surprised at the low dosage. I am grateful that it is controlled easily ... I have a friend at work who was restricted to no more than one fruit a day. I can practically eat what I want as long as I am taking my meds --- and only one of them!


Jess and Jen said...

Jen, you should have just come and found me! I had fruit snacks and lucky charms in my bag...both full of sugar!

Mandee Lue said...

This story is so funny -- I just heard almost the same one from Dawn!! It must have been a weekend for low blood sugar! Glad you survived, and that you're okay!

BoucherBlogger said...

I didn't think about all of the moms that have food to keep their kids fed during church ... next time! (I hope that I don't have to deal with it much longer!)