Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've Never Been Tagged Before!

Every time I see this tag I hope no one will tag me ... 25 things seems like a difficult task! BUT thanks to Mandee ... Here goes:

25 random things about me:

1. I talk to my sister about favorite problems that I get to teach in my geometry class -- like the one about the guy running his airplane into a cliff or Olivia helping her true love get away from the pirates!!
2. When Joe and I were tutors at Snow College we would come home and talk about the problems we had that day. We would help each other solve the ones that we couldn't figure out!
3. Speaking of tutoring at Snow -- we took the Friday afternoon shift because all of the singletons wanted to leave -- no one was in the lab so we made up the game 3D tic-tac-toe -- instead of using x's and o's we would pick our favorite letter from the greek alphabet.
4. I am an animal fanatic! My Grandpa Fautin practically had a farm in his back yard -- cows, chickens, turtle, dogs. I love the little ones!
5. One day Joe and I were at the park across from our house. We saw two beta fish in cheap walmart containers. I figured that some punk kid put them together hoping that one would kill the other, but because they were so confined they didn't have the strength to fight. I couldn't let these fish die so Joe and I took them home, went to walmart to buy all of the necessary FISH tools and put them in our bathrooms. We named them Wakka and Tidus.
6. Wakka and Tidus are two main characters from one of my favorite PS2 (play station) games ... Final Fantasy 10. There are a couple of video games that I really like -- and can't put down. This is one of them!
7. When Joe and I discovered that we wouldn't have enough money to fly to Hawaii for Jake and Cody's wedding -- (we were WAY bummed!!) we took part of the money we did have saved and bought a PS3.
8. I bought Joe the PS2 for his 25th birthday. I said I bought it for him -- but really it was for me. I got Dance Dance Revolution ... a Jen game!
9. When I type I feel like Elmer Fudd. I try to spell a word correctly -- I even try a couple of versions of the word -- and if I can't figure it out ... I just change the word.
10. My 15 year old brother has a better vocabulary than me!
11. I hate the game Boulderdash. I politely played it with my inlaws for years ... but now I refuse. Hate the game!
12. I also don't like the game Scrabble, Upwords or Boggle. I do like fast action card games -- or strategy games ... Liars Dice is my favorite -- unless people lose on purpose. That's rude!
13. Some of my favorite memories with my brothers and sister is sitting around the kitchen table playing games. Our current favorite is "Things" (HILARIOUS!)
14. I like to wear Flip Flops all year. I will wear them unless there is so much snow on the ground that I can't make it from my car to the school without stepping in it. I don't get cold often.
15. My principal hates that I wear flip flops ... but tells me indirectly. I know she doesn't like it ... but I can't help myself. (I figure that if the rest of me can't be comfortable ... at least my feet can!)
16. I often take off my shoes when I get into my classroom. I put them back on before the students arrive (usually). One time I put them behind a door and then the door was propped open. I didn't find my shoes until about 2nd period!
17. I don't like it when the numbers haven't been cleared off of the microwave after something has been "nuked".
18. I like to talk. My students know a lot about my husband ... and other members of my family!
19. My favorite super hero is Spiderman ... and my good friend who is cleaning my classroom right now has a spidy shirt on!
20. Speaking of cleaning ... I hate to clean! I know where things are when they are in piles -- not if they are put in their proper place.
21. I hate getting ready in the morning. Hate it. I rarely put on make up ... and I keep my hair short so I don't wear a pony tail every day. It is starting to get long again so I CAN put my hair up. I figure if I have a baby ... pony tail days are necessary.
22. I have a student (who I actually really enjoy teaching) that has taught me a lot this year ... When I said I wouldn't finish the school year he threw his hands in the air and cheered. I was out in the hallway and he said a naughty word -- not knowing that I was standing right beside him (that was funny ... he was SO SO embarrassed ... his punishment ... I teased him for quite some time!) and threw a small nerf UofU ball at my back when I wasn't looking. I was fuming at the class. He honestly thought that throwing the ball would cheer me up!
23. I have always been attracted to red heads. When I saw Joe with a Calculus book and red hair ... I was hooked. Something inside just knew that he was the one. It took him a bit longer to make the same decision. We are a good pair.
24. I was the kid that stayed inside for recess to do extra math problems from the back of the book. I have always love math!
25. I like to take pictures of myself making funny faces. Or I'll take a picture of myself to see if I look good that day. There are a lot of snap shots of my face saved on my computer. This is ironic since I rarely care what I look like -- and don't take much time worrying about it! ...


I tag Joe ... he can post on my blog if he wants. Joe is the most random person I know (love ya) ... and I am more than curious to see what he will say!


Jess and Jen said...

I love flip flops too and used to wear them year round...until I had kids that like to wear flip flops. I only wear them if I'm okay with letting them wear them too. So, now I wear flip flops much less than I would like too...sigh.

My opinion regarding 21 is that ponytails are ESSENTIAL for babies!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love all the Jen-isms...and I'm gonna NEED the Joe list too...Puh-lease! I already did mine!