Friday, February 6, 2009

Run off your Baby Weight

Call it sympathy weight, call it baby weight, whatever you want to call it ... Joe has gained close to 30 pounds since I got pregnant. It wasn't that he intentionally ate poorly ... but since I wasn't being strict on my diet ... he wasn't either. I think that he really noticed it for the first time when he went to play basketball with our ward. He came home and said ... "I need to exercise more!"

An opportunity at work arose that he could participate in a relay. It is called the Wasatch Back. He and 11 others will spend 24 hours and run from Logan to Park City. He is the last of the twelve to run each leg. Apparently his first "shift" is an uphill run. The whole race lasts close to 24 hours. Being the last runner he will finish it off in Park City. Baby and I will go shopping in the morning (yeah) and meet him at the finish line.

I am proud of my little runner. He has put himself on a training schedule. He hopes to be able to run 10 miles at a time when he gets closer to the race. I am sure that the reason he started this journey was not to lose his "baby weight" but with him running so much I am sure that he will shed the pounds quickly :)



Sarah Elizabeth said...

Ooh ooh! When is this? Love love love Park City! Need a morning shopping buddy? I am always up for that. Amazing what Joey is doing!!!

Bryan said...

Joe...make sure to get the extra pounds off before you have another kid...because you'll gain weight again then!

Mom and Dad said...

Hey, Joe!! Good for you!! Wow, that is quite a run!

stephanie stohel said...

even though i hate to run cause its boring i think it would be way cool to accomplish something like this and after basketball i would like to be able to run forever too!!! anyways congrats joe with this big run!! personally i don't think you look like you have gained thirty pounds! and i would love to go with ya jen..but i would understand if you want a morning to yourself!! ha ha love ya!