Thursday, February 19, 2009

You've Gotta Love Middle School!

Today I'm teaching in my sixth period geometry class. They are a fun class -- that often will really get into the lesson. Today we were answering questions and they were making funny "ooh ooh -- call on me" sounds. It was funny -- but starting to get a bit out of hand. I told them that I would only call on people not making obnoxious noises. They all laughed and we kept going (some didn't drop being noisy!). I laughed and said: "You're lucky I like you guys." A nice boy in the front looked at me and replied: "YOU'RE lucky we like YOU!!"

That's probably true.


Mandee Lue said...

Ha ha! They do sound like YOUR class!! You do have the best kids (most of the time) and therefore, you have bragging rights!

Loved this post!

Jace said...

Haha i am the nice boy!!! Hahaha i told you i would find your blog

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Seriously, I am completely evil somedays and they still love me. Weird. Kids are just can learn so much about Christlike love from them.