Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Mom Would Be Proud"

That's what my sister said last night as she and I were finishing up our art project for the baby's room. But wait -- I haven't even updated about how we are coming with the BABY'S ROOM! Here it is:

Joe has been VERY hard at work! Last week he worked hours a day on that room. I am very proud of him. When I got home from the baby shower the crib was put together and the dresser was half way there. It looks SO different! He continued to work on the dresser while Steph and I washed and organized (sort of) all of his clothes. All we really have left to do is hang the curtains, paint the closet doors and put them back in the room, and paint the door. Here are some updated photos:

Our Crib -- we really like the triangluar posts! It was the deal breaker for me. You can also see my pillows inside the crib and the quilt folded on top. More about that quilt to come!

The changing table and lamp shade. Also -- the car seat!

Our closet full of shower goodies! Again -- we feel so blessed for everything!

About half of the clothes we got from the shower. The other half -- Joe and I have been accumulating since we got married.

Here I am the morning of the shower. Doesn't look like the baby has much room to squirm! I went to the doctors on Friday and he said that he would induce me a week before I am due. My parents are going out of town that week -- so I am going to ask if it could happen the Friday before (on the 13th -- wait -- maybe that's bad luck!)

Now for the art project. I wanted to create something that would hang on either side of our window. I love the green walls -- but it's a lot of green. Stephanie and I went shopping on Friday for everything that I didn't get for my shower. We were talking about making some sort of abstract art. As we made plans the project just kept getting bigger and bigger. They were having a sale at Michael's on all of their stretched canvas. I bought three 16x20 canvases and set off to work. I recognize that the piece we created isn't the typical "baby's room" piece. But I LOVE IT! I also love that my little man's mom and aunt made it for him. Joe hung it up this morning ... and I think that it is great! The colors seem to work so well together and it is a fun piece to have. Steph said that he would be inspired to be an artist ... like Mozart! (I looked at her funny and she laughed -- then said: "Or Van Gogh").

And finally, I had a couple of friends come over today (thank you Lynsey and Beth) to help me start quilting my tetris quilt. I had never quilted before -- sure I have tied quilts, but not quilted quilted. We set to work and got about half way done! They are coming over again on Tuesday night and I hope to finish it then. I am going to have Joe put a stitch or two in it as well so we can say that "Daddy helped".

Overall I am quite pleased with how our room is turning out. I can't believe that I will be a mom in two weeks! That is unreal to me! I am crazy excited and super nervous. My big project for this week will be to get my substitute folders finalized and clean my house! (and finish my quilt ...)


Karen said...

Jenn - that reminds me so much of when we were prego and preparing for our first baby, Baileigh. Now we have added three Beebe boys. Enjoy it...this is the most wonderful time in your lives. =)

Jess and Jen said...

Wow! You guys have done a lot of work to get ready for this baby! Your artwork looks does the quilt!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Yikesy! 2 weeks, that is soooo soon! Awesome though, and everything looks amazing in the cool avacado boy room.

The Butler Clan said...

You are so artistic! I love the room, now all it needs is a little boy to make it complete! SOON!! Keep me posted!

Joanie said...

Great post... I love all the photos of the baby's room. What a wonderful time.

Mom and Dad said...

Thanks for showing us the wonderful room. Isn't it fun what you can do with paint that makes things look fresh??
We enjoyed the shower so much, Jen. It was really a fun time!!!
Grannie Annie and Co.

Sara said...

Jen, you are the cutest pregnant lady I've ever seen! I am so sad that I'm not there to see you and hug you and help with anything...but I say a prayer for you and your little family everyday and can't wait to see his sweet face! I love you!

Mom and Dad said...

About "Daddy helped" on the quilt: He probably could do a pretty good job, Jen. We used to do that sort of thing at home and I was always pleasantly surprised at what the boys could/ would do!!