Sunday, February 1, 2009

Okay it's not too bad

I talked to my OBGyn last Friday and he told me that I was boarderline when I failed my diabetes test. I expressed some concern about not getting enough calories while on my "restrictive" diet. He told me that because I was on medication and testing my blood sugar regularly that I should go about my business and eat like normal and see if the medication that I am on does enough to regulate my body. He told me that my levels should never be in the 160s but the 120s aren't bad. He said that if I got that high I should rethink the lemon cake that I ate. Joe in all of his wisdom asked "Oh lemon cake is against the rules?" Luckily my Dr. has a sense of humor because he said "yeah ... the pie before had was fine but the cake just pushes you over!".

It has been nice this weekend to try to make relatively healthy choices, eat snacks when I am hungry, and not worry too much about "are there too many carbs in this?" or "I really miss my cold cereal!". I have thrown out french fries and other fatty carbs that I love and know aren't good for me. I didn't eat more than one bite of pie tonight at my parent's house. My levels are staying exactly where they should be. I am grateful that it hasn't been too rigorous!

I asked the doctor if the baby was big if they would start me early or if they would let me go when he is ready to come. Between my diabetes and Joe's monsterous birth weight we are destined to have a huge child. He scheduled an ultrasound for February 9th to check his size. I was not expecting to be able to see my guy again before I got to hold him. I am super excited. He also told me that they don't usually let diabetic women get further than 38 or 39 weeks. That puts me mid to late March instead of END of March! That means I have roughly 6 weeks left. It is crazy and I am super excited!!!


Mecqae said...

Yeah 6 weeks!!!
Way to go with the pie. If it were me I would have had the Pie, the Lemon Cake, and a side of ice cream :)

Jess and Jen said...

I'm glad that it hasn't been too hard so far...hopefully it'll stay that way! --jen

Mom and Dad said...

Good for you, Jen!! Ann

Joanie said...

I can't believe it is only 6 weeks YEA! Hope all continues on the good side for you.
Love you,

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Yeah! I can't wait for the Feb 9 post! Honey, everything is gonna work out. You know that in your little heart, cuz I can feel it too. That little guy is gonna be amazing...and so loved. Glad that the diet/change is not as bad as you thought. That's how I felt about the diet change I had to make. You can survide without some of the things you love, eh? (Or enjoy them less frequently!)