Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Big Three-Oh

Joe's big thirtieth birthday was yesterday. I can't believe he is thirty. The festivities started on Monday with his surprise birthday party. I didn't get any pictures, so I am waiting for the familia to post theirs so I can steal them :) I took Joe out to find clothes to wear for our family pictures that we were to take the next day. This was the decoy! We found our outfits with 30 minutes to spare when Jace started crying. I went to make him a bottle and realized that I took the bottle out of the diaper bag to wash it and didn't replace it. Oooops! So Joe of course wants to go home to get Jace taken care of -- what any responsible parent would do. We couldn't go home! We drove around for a bit and he stopped crying but we were on our way home way way too early. We decided to stop at the library to get some new reading material for Jace.

The surprise went great! I am sure he was suspicious once we entered the house ... but had no clue before hand. (He saw the balloons at the top of the stairs ... I think). We had great people - marvelous food - and a better than you-know-what cake! yum yum!

For his actual birthday - Jace and I took him Cafe Rio. It was fun to watch Joe show off his son. After work we got our family pictures taken and went out to dinner. Joe is going to get a bike for his birthday. He wants to start riding it the 10 miles to work. I am proud of his ambition. He told me this too late and I didn't quite have the mula saved up for quite a purchase, so we are going to get it when he gets back from Indiana. (Yes, he is going again ... but only for 3 days. He leaves Monday and gets home Wednesday. I can handle this ... I hope!)

Yesterday was a great day. It is so wonderful being married to such a phnominal guy. He is my true companion and equal in so many ways. He is the perfect amount of smart, sweet, funny, and weird -- for me. He is a great dad and husband. We love you Joe!!

Happy Birthday Sveetie ;)


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

I promise I'm not creeping, just watching your blog all day. :) I'm obssessed with blogs and google reader is my friend!!! LOL!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!! So much fun! Way to surprise him. That's great! We'll have to do something one of the nights he's away so you don't think about him being away :) Let me know :)

Mandee Lue said...

oooooh!! So sweet and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Joe!! You do have a great guy, and he has an even greater girl! Love ya, Jen! (miss you too!!)

brandi said...

Happy Birthday Joe!! Jace is so so darling, I just love his little face.

The Broughs said...

Happy Birthday... Joe might need to help Adam cope with turning 30 in May :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

It WAS fun! I am pleased it worked out so well. Really all you need is the food and the family just entertains itself! I love that! Steal any of my photos you want from the blog!

John and Kim said...

Happy Birthday Joe!!! You guys are so cute together! Joe is so lucky to have such a great wife, hold her close!!!

Mom and Dad said...

We loved the party!!
I love to see daddys show off their new little tykes!!
Good for you on the bike, Joe. Get a helmet too, and be careful for those city drivers!!
So pleased for you both -- You are GREAT!!
Love ya, Mum