Friday, April 17, 2009

My Grandma ... the SAINT!

Through no fault of her own -- my Grandma Brown (Dad's Mom) has had a very difficult life -- especially when her kids were young. My dad is the youngest of 5 boys. While my grandma was pregnant with my dad, my grandpa gave her an unthinkable ultimatum that forced my poor grandma to leave him. Now I'm not going to get into her personal life on the internet ... but know that any SANE woman would have left him too and maybe even kicked him in the ... you know where!! Because of this ... dumb dumb man ... my dear grandmother was forced to be a single mom. I can't imagine her strength.

I haven't seen Joe -- really since Monday. It got tough without him last summer when I was alone but now I am more emotional, sleep deprived, and in need of a little more help. How did my grandma do it alone? I can't handle a week by myself. I know that you do what you have to do -- and get through life, but I admire her strength so much more now than ever before.

Joe gets home tomorrow night at about 7. All I want to do is lock him in the house and not let anyone in or anyone out for about a month. I miss him ... This is hard.


Joanie said...

Sweetie Jen, Yes, you do what you have to do. And are grateful that the Lord helps you through.
Love you,

Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

Jen! I'm so sorry you had a hard time! I wish I would have known. I would have helped in anyway I could.