Friday, April 3, 2009

Doctor's Appointments ...

I hope that my life has not come down to one doctor's appointment after another. I have been in some doctor's office/hospital multiple times a week since the beginning of February. I know that it was all to make sure that Jace and I are healthy and safe ... but I am ready to be done.

It is such a relief to know that I won't have to go to the doctors again for four weeks! (Mini-celebration!!). Today I had a post-op appointment for Dr. Merrill to check my incision, remove my adhesive strips holding my incision together, and send me on my way. He is a funny man -- and I usually catch his sarcasm as it comes. He told me how to tend my incision. He said that it can be scrubbed a bit, but not to pull too hard. He was showing the appropriate amount of "how hard" and his eyes got wide as he exclaimed "whoops!" He obviously was just kidding -- he didn't rip my abdomen open -- he got me though!

Oh ... and I have lost 24 pounds already!! The best weight loss program I have ever been 0n -- (then again I had to gain close to 30 to get here ... but I got Jace out of it, so I figure it was more worth it!!)


Marissa said...

So glad you and Jace are doing well! He is such a cutie!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the 24 lbs. That's frickin' awesome! Misty always comments on how long it takes to get to that point...a good 9 months. So it's important not to be too impatient with your body at this point. Take it easy and realize all the calories you burn looking after the monkey...running around for stuff FOR the monkey...running the monkey to the doctor, etc. Now that Misty's little guy is 2 she is finally about where she wants to be..and that's okay.

Mom and Dad said...

Yay for Jen!!! I knew you were mostly "baby" because you looked pretty trim other than your tummy!!
Enjoy your baby and get yourself feeling back to yourself.
I love Sarah's monkey-care counsel . . . Now, that girl knows about monkeys!!