Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

I love that Jace's first trip to church was on Easter Sunday. We spent the first part of the morning exploring what the Easter Bunny left. He must have snuck in while Jace was eating ... man he's good! I have great memories as a child looking for the hidden eggs on Easter morning and looking forward to my new Easter dress that I would be able to wear to church. I know that Easter is {{WAY WAY}} more than the bunnies and eggs ... but I feel that we can have a piece of both ... as long as the focus of the day is on my Savior.

I really enjoy dressing Jace in more than just onesies and stretch pants. I like dressing him in "big kid" clothes -- so I have been looking and looking for a cute church outfit. Knowing that Jace's first trip to church would be on Easter Sunday -- I was even more dedicated to the search. It seems nearly impossible to find anything "big kid" for the little guys. I finally found what could pass as a church outfit at Carter's. (If you can't tell it is a little blue sweater with a giraffe on it. He also is sporting khaki pants. Handsome Man!).

He was a huge hit at church! He is such a good baby! Everyone Loves JACE! He slept through Sacrament and Sunday School. He started to squirm a bit through Relief Society so I took him out to eat. When we got home we took our family picture. It was a very pleasant day! I love my family!


Mecqae said...

I just love Easter! It is such a great day! You guys look great :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

You guys look so cute! I am glad you were able to get back for church...I bet they just loved the little monkey...we do!!!