Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our First Family Date Night

When we were first married -- Andy and Becky (Joe's brother) gave us some great advice -- make a weekly date night a priority. While I was working, near the end of my pregnancy, I didn't have enough energy to do much -- dinner basically. {{PLUS we had to make it back home to watch our favorite show -- BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!! I don't like science fiction really -- but I LOVE BSG! That is a whole different post}} Now that I am home all day ... and Jace can't really go many places ... I am more of the mindset: GET ME OUT OF HERE! I've got to give a hand to you stay at home moms {I haven't decided when I will officially become one of those} it is difficult to be home all day just to be home all night! By Friday afternoon I am more than ready to spend a "night on the town"

BUT we don't feel comfortable taking Jace to many public places yet. He has seen a bit of "the world" ... but not much. We wanted to go to dinner -- but make it a place where only a select few visit. Not somewhere like Subway or Chilis were a whole herd of people migrate to. We decided to go and visit Chi {the owner of Pho Cali -- one of our favorite restaurants!!} We packed up the Boucher Crew and headed out. They know exactly what we order every time. While eating I kept trying to see if Chi was in -- and listening for her. Mid bite I think I hear her cute Vietnamese voice. "Is that Chi?" I asked? "I think so" says Joe. I waved her down and she came to meet our little Jace. "Joe, Jen, Jace ... all J" she then proceeded to tell us all 5 of her kids names. She asked how I was feeling and then {cutely} refused to talk to us "You need to eat. Eat your dinner" I love that place!!

We wanted to go and see an 8:30 movie -- but got started on our date a bit late so we were rushing through our dinner. Now you may think that a movie is not a place to take a 3 week old when we were trying to avoid germs. WELL we took Jace (and Joe) to his very first drive in theater! (I'm brilliant!) We went to see "Monsters vs. Aliens". The story was cute enough -- way random in some parts -- but not too bad. The character that saved the movie however was BOB. He is the gelatin monster that flirts with the jello. He by far has the best one-liners.

It was an enjoyable evening. It is fun spending time with the family :)


Lynsey said...

You are brilliant! I'm glad that you were able to go out. It is so hard when you can't expose the kiddo to germs. We would take Ethan out and keep him in his "carrying case" covered with a blanket. People left him alone. It was a tip that one of the NICU nurses gave me.

Sara said...

You are brilliant, Jen...and I LOVE BSG!!!!! Mark got me hooked and I'm so sad it's over.

brandi said...

Hi jen!
I have enjoyed reading the whole story since Jace was born. What a little cutie he is! I can't wait to come see him when he is allowed more vistors! Love you guys!